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Dhaka Traders had working with various customers since 2000. They are using various types of equipments. Such as PABX- IP PBX System, DVR-CC Camera, NVR-IP Camera, Access control - Time attendant System, Fire Alarm system, Burglar Alarm system, Sound System, Conference System, LAN – Data Network System etc.

Dhaka Traders always offer update technology for consumer. Dhaka Traders always following updated technology and wants to be provide latest technology and trying to upgrading all users.

Dhaka Traders work with some brand, those brand is worldwide popular. There is 1. Digium, Origin: USA, 2. Panasonic, Origin: Japan, 3. Syntel, Origin: India, 4. Cisco, Origin: USA, 5. Grandstream, Origin: USA, 6. Anviz, Origin: USA, 7. Bosch, Origin: Germany, 8. lytech, Origin: China, 9. VOPTECH, Origin: China, 10. Campro, Origin: Taiwan etc.

Dhaka Traders Provide Open source Telephony software and that is worldwide most popular. That Asterisk and Elastix is all in one solution for consumer.

Dhaka Traders providing warranty with service one year with all Products for customer, after one year provides service contact basis.